7 TATTOOS: Antonela Roccazzuo pays tribute to her husband Lionel MessI by holding special significance to their relationship


In addition to being a devoted mother to her children, Antonela Roccuzzo is well-known for her fashionable appearance and unwavering support of her spouse, Lionel Messi. Since the family relocated to Florida, the media star has always maintained a healthy lifestyle and enjoyed some good times with her new pals in Miami. Many people are unaware, though, that Antonela like getting tattoos, since she has used amazing ink to commemorate several significant life events.





With a kind gesture, the media star expressed her love and gratitude for her three children. Antonela is covered with three tattoos on her hands that bear the names of her children: Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro.


Getting inked beside her spouse Lionel Messi, Antonela commemorated a significant occasion in her life. Following their nuptials, the businesswoman and football player celebrated the anniversary of their union with matching tattoos.

Antonela has another matching tattoo with her husband. The pair have a small crown design in black-and-white, located in the same position.



One of her first tattoos was a floral design, which is located on her right foot and curves almost all the way to her ankle.

Antonela has a small butterfly tattoo on her wrist, located close to the names of her three children.


The media figure demonstrated her devotion to the “Harry Potter” series by getting a little tattoo of the golden snitch on her arm.


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