“Adonis Steals the Show: Drake’s 5-Year-Old Son Makes Music Video Debut and Reveals the Story Behind His Album Artwork”

Despite being the most popular rapper in the world, Drake was overshadowed by his own son in his latest music video. In the video for his new single “8AM In Charlotte,” the 36-year-old Canadian rapper introduced his five-year-old son Adonis to the world. Adonis made his music video debut and stole the show from his father with his charming personality and artistic talent. The six-minute clip began with Adonis explaining how he created the artwork for Drake’s upcoming solo studio album, For All The Dogs. As the video started, Drake asked Adonis about his beautiful artwork, and the little boy responded by sharing the story behind it. He said that the goat was running away from the monsters and other animals, but a flower blocked its way.

Dynamic duo: Drake had his five-year-old son Adonis make his music video debut in the clip for latest single 8AM In Charlotte released on Thursday

In his latest single, 8AM In Charlotte, Drake introduces his five-year-old son, Adonis, to the music video scene. This dynamic duo marks a special moment in Drake’s career as he proudly showcases his son’s talent and personality. The video was released on Thursday and fans are thrilled to see Adonis make his debut appearance.

Aww: Drake was completely outshined by the youngster as the six-minute clip kicked off with Adonis explaining how he designed his famous dad's artwork for his upcoming eighth solo studio album For All The Dogs

Drake’s son Adonis stole the show as he explained the inspiration behind his artwork for his father’s upcoming album, For All The Dogs. The six-minute video showcased Adonis’ creativity and imagination as he described the elements of the artwork, including flowers of fire, a racing car, and jail stairs. When questioned about the letters ‘SBW’ on the artwork, Adonis revealed that it had no particular meaning, but he simply wanted to write it. Drake then asked if he was the GOAT (greatest of all-time) since his name was next to a goat in the artwork, to which Adonis confirmed. In a humorous moment, Drake asked how much money Adonis received for his artwork, and Adonis sarcastically scoffed, saying “Oh please!”

The clip begins with the One Dance hitmaker querying his child: 'All right. Adonis, tell me about your beautiful piece of artwork that you sold me'

The video starts with Drake asking his child about a piece of artwork that he bought from him. He refers to his son as Adonis while inquiring about the artwork’s beauty.

Adonis adorably responds: 'So it's the same story. So the goat was running away from the other monsters. And the other animals. And a flower blocking the way.'

Adonis charmingly replied, “Oh, it seems like this is a recurring tale. The goat was fleeing from both the menacing monsters and other creatures, while also encountering an obstruction in the form of a flower.”

Asking the right questions: Then the youngster showcases his sense of humor when asked about how much he is receiving for the artwork which will be seen by millions

Posing the appropriate inquiries: The child exhibits his wit when questioned about the fee he’s getting for his artwork, which is bound to be viewed by millions.

Adonis hilariously answers sarcastically as he scoffs and says: 'Oh please!'

Amusingly, Adonis responds with a touch of sarcasm, dismissively stating: ‘Oh come on!’

Bond: Adonis stood alongside his dad as he performed his latest single

Adonis had the opportunity to stand next to his father as he performed his latest single, which was a proud moment for both Drake and his son. In August, Drake had revealed that his highly-anticipated album’s artwork was done by his son. The album, For All The Dogs, which had several delays, is finally set to release tomorrow. The Way 2 Sexy singer shares custody of Adonis with French artist Sophie Brussaux. Although Sophie was romantically linked to Drake in 2017, their relationship became contentious after Adonis’ birth. Adonis’ identity was revealed when Pusha T., one of Drake’s rival rappers, mentioned the child in his song The Story Of Adidon. When Sophie informed Drake that she was pregnant with his child, he requested a DNA test to confirm the paternity. Currently, Sophie and Drake have a healthy co-parenting relationship and occasionally give shoutouts to each other on social media, expressing their gratitude as they continue to raise Adonis. Though the pair are no longer dating, Drake acknowledged supporting Sophie financially in his song Lemon Pepper Freestyle, stating that she sent him a heart emoji after he sent her child support.

How sweet: Back in August Drake proudly revealed that his son had done the artwork for his highly-anticipated album

Isn’t this adorable? Last August, Drake shared with pride that his son was the artist behind the artwork for his much-awaited album.

Modern family: The Way 2 Sexy crooner shares custody of Adonis with French artist Sophie Brussaux

Contemporary household: The artist of the hit song “Way 2 Sexy” divides parenting responsibilities with French creative Sophie Brussaux for their son Adonis.

On Mother’s Day 2021, the co-founder of OVO Sound, Drake, gave a heartwarming shoutout to Adonis’ mother through an Instagram story. He shared a lovely picture of Sophie cuddling with their son, and captioned it with “Happy mother’s day big mama.” In his album, Certified Lover Boy, released the same year, Drake proudly declared himself as the “co-parent of the year.”

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