Cardi B’s 28th Birthday Bash in Las Vegas: Slaying in a Pink Bikini and Strutting like a Runway Model at her Penthouse Suite

Cardi B took a quick trip to Las Vegas over the weekend to commemorate her 28th birthday, and it was full of famous guests like Kylie Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion. The WAP artist uploaded some amusing videos of herself walking down the entrance of her deluxe penthouse suite on Sunday, confessing to her Instagram followers that she was still a bit tipsy from the wild birthday party she threw the night before.

Living the life: Cardi B shared some hilarious footage of herself strutting down the entryway of her lavish Las Vegas penthouse suite with her Instagram followers on Sunday

Enjoying her luxurious lifestyle, Cardi B entertained her Instagram followers on Sunday by posting a comical video of her walking down the hallway of her extravagant penthouse suite in Las Vegas.

Whoops: 'My walk on dumb cause I¿m still drunk,' confessed Cardi, who hosted an epic birthday bash the night prior

Whoops: 'My walk on dumb cause I¿m still drunk,' confessed Cardi, who hosted an epic birthday bash the night prior

Oops! In a recent video, Cardi B admitted that she was still feeling the effects of being drunk from her epic birthday bash the night before. The clip shows the rapper walking down a long hallway in a pink string bikini, carrying a Birkin bag and removing her sunglasses. Her signature curves were on full display, and her hair was styled in voluminous waves. At the end of the hallway, she turned around for the camera, revealing her peacock tattoo and pert derriere.

Bikini babe: In the brief clip, Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, flaunted her famous curves in a pink string bikini as she teetered down the lengthy entryway

The video clip displayed Cardi B, also known as Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, showing off her well-known voluptuous figure in a pink bikini with strings. She walked down the long entryway with a wobbly gait.

She's got moves: Cardi B removed a pair of sunglasses from her face and carried a coordinating Birkin bag in the crook of her arm

Cardi B flaunted her impressive moves by taking off her sunglasses and carrying a matching Birkin bag in the crook of her arm. She followed it up with a sultry pose for the camera before the video came to an abrupt end. In addition to this, the Money rapper also gave her 76.5 million followers a glimpse of her birthday preparations inside her luxurious penthouse suite. Her suite boasted of multiple gold balloons that adorned the ceiling and a fireplace decked out in gold tinsel and assorted balloon shapes. The most striking of them all was the metallic gold letter balloons that spelled out her name. She then turned her camera towards what looked like a birthday cake designed to look like a stack of gold bricks, with framed photos of her placed neatly on the side.

Birthday time: Prior to her shameless birthday strut, the Money rapper gave her 76.5million followers a peek at the various birthday decorations set-up inside her penthouse suite.

It was time to celebrate her birthday and before she dazzled everyone with her confident walk, the rapper known as Money shared a glimpse of the festive decorations adorning her luxurious penthouse suite with her 76.5 million followers.

Balloon domination: There were tons and tons of gold balloons resting atop the ceiling and the fireplace was decked out in gold tinsel and multi-toned balloon formations

Balloon domination: There were tons and tons of gold balloons resting atop the ceiling and the fireplace was decked out in gold tinsel and multi-toned balloon formations

The room was filled with gold balloons adorning the ceiling and fireplace, along with multi-colored balloon structures. Cardi captured a quick glimpse of her friend twerking in the nearby room. A-list celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion were present at Cardi’s birthday celebration. Kylie gifted Cardi a Birkin bag, which is considered a luxurious handbag from Hermes, as seen on Cardi’s Instagram story. These bags can range from $9.85K for retail and up to $500K at auctions.

All in the details: She then panned her camera over what appeared to be a birthday cake made to look like a pile of gold bricks

Every little detail counts! During Cardi B’s recent birthday party, Kylie Jenner captured some of the highlights on her Instagram story. One shot showcased a cake that looked like a stack of gold bricks, while Cardi’s gift from Jenner was a stunning teal blue hue resembling the iconic Tiffany’s box. Kylie also showed off her own outfit for the event, a sultry peach mesh minidress that accentuated her figure. The party was a star-studded affair, with fellow WAP collaborator Megan Thee Stallion stunning in a sheer black bodysuit. While Jenner did not stay for the entire celebration, she and her friends continued to party on her private jet. Interestingly, rumors of a reunion between Cardi and her estranged husband Offset began to circulate after they were spotted sharing a kiss at the event.

Buxom: Jenner was featured in Cardi's buzzy WAP music video this summer; here seen on Instagram in the outfit she wore to attend Cardi's bash in Vegas on Saturday night

Curvaceous: This summer, the famous Kylie Jenner made an appearance in Cardi’s viral music video for WAP and also attended her extravagant party.

High end: Cardi's present from Kylie was a teal blue Hermes Birkin bag

Kylie gifted Cardi with an exquisite Hermes Birkin bag in a beautiful shade of teal blue.

Showstopper: The sparkly dress hugged every inch of Kylie's curves as she posed for a sultry video

Kylie flaunted her curves in a dazzling dress that clung to her every contour while she posed for a sexy video.

Party time: She gave a playful look at her famous figure in the skin-hugging garment

Back at it: Kylie showed off every inch of her curves as she rotated her body

Kylie flaunted her complete outfit while partying in a penthouse located high above the city, with a picturesque skyline view visible through the suite’s massive windows.

Icy: Jenner rocked a diamond bracelet and a matching ring as she sparkled for the camera

Jenner was sparkling in front of the camera with a diamond bracelet and matching ring, while Cardi B and Offset didn’t seem to be having any issues despite Cardi officially filing for divorce earlier in September. The two were seen locking lips in public and dancing outside of a nightclub with friends Megan Thee Stallion and DJ SpinKing. Offset, who is the father of Cardi’s daughter Kulture, appeared happy during their friendly interaction. In fact, he surprised her with a Rolls Royce truck and even gifted her a bright pink billboard from their child just days before.

Great guest list: Cardi's birthday soiree was also attended by another of her WAP collaborators, Megan Thee Stallion, who wowed in a sheer all-black bodysuit number

Cardi B’s birthday bash had an impressive lineup of guests, including Megan Thee Stallion, who is also a collaborator on her hit song “WAP”. Megan looked stunning in a black bodysuit that was completely sheer.

On again? Cardi B and her estranged husband Offset spark rumors they have rekindled their love, after sharing a kiss at her wild 28th birthday party in Las Vegas on Saturday

Is Cardi B back with Offset? Fans are speculating that the couple may have rekindled their relationship after they were spotted sharing a kiss at her lavish 28th birthday party in Las Vegas. The celebrations included a customized car, complete with her daughter’s name embroidered on the plush car seat. Cardi was also seen getting up close and personal with Offset in a figure-hugging white dress that highlighted her famous curves. Despite their tumultuous past, the rapper couldn’t help but smile when she was with her on-again, off-again partner.

Happy in love: In addition to publicly locking lips, the WAP hitmaker appeared to give the rapper a lap dance in a night club, as she also partied with pals Megan Thee Stallion and DJ SpinKing

Content paraphrased:

The WAP sensation seems to be very happy in her current romantic relationship as she was seen sharing a public kiss with her rapper beau. Not only that, but she also gave him a lap dance while partying in a night club with her friends Megan Thee Stallion and DJ SpinKing.

Getting cozy: The Grammy nominee, who is the father of the Bronx-born performer's two-year-old daughter Kulture, appeared in high sprits during the very friendly exchange

Feeling comfortable: The musician, who has been nominated for a Grammy award and has a two-year-old daughter with the performer from the Bronx, seemed very happy during their friendly conversation.

PDA: Earlier in the night, she could be seen grinding against her on-again, off-again flame, in a skintight white gown, which showcased famous derriere and enviable figure

During a recent event, the celebrity was seen getting cozy with her on-and-off partner in a tight-fitting white dress that accentuated her famous behind and enviable figure. The rapper appeared to be captivated by her alluring curves and seductive dance moves. Throughout the night, she sipped on several cocktails and looked stunning with her glamorous makeup and voluminous half-up, half-down hairstyle. To complete her enticing look, she adorned herself with diamond bracelets and drop earrings that matched her jewel-encrusted long nails.

All in the details: The costly vehicle was even customized for the star, as her little girl's name could be seen embroidered on a lush car seat

Paying attention to the minutest details, the expensive car was personalized to suit the celebrity’s preferences. The plush car seat had her daughter’s name elegantly embroidered on it, adding a unique touch to the luxury vehicle.

Glam: As she sipped a number of cocktails, footage from the night showed her looking absolutely flawless with her glamorous makeup and voluminous tresses styled in a half-up, half down hairdo

Gorgeous: While enjoying some delicious cocktails, the video captured her stunning appearance with her glamorous makeup and full-bodied hair styled in a half-up, half-down style.

Stunning: She completed her alluring ensemble with a number of diamond bracelets and drop earrings, which matched her long, jewel-encrusted nails

The gorgeous artist completed her alluring look with numerous diamond bracelets and drop earrings that perfectly matched her long and bejeweled nails. She even managed to catch everyone’s attention with her tiny waist while posing with her tongue out and hands in the air. Later, after devouring a massive four-tier cake at the club and twerking all night long, the mother-of-one continued her celebrations with her closest friends at a private home. At one point, she sensually danced on top of Offset, with her legs straddled around him, after changing into light grey sweats.

Having fun: While the birthday girl got cozy with her man, she could be seen sporting a beaming smile, while he looked mesmerized by her eye-popping curves and raunchiest dance moves

Enjoying the moment: The celebrant appeared to be enjoying herself as she snuggled up with her partner. She wore a bright smile on her face while he was captivated by her stunning figure and provocative dance moves.

All smiles: She wore a skintight white gown, which showed off her famous derriere

Birthday girl: At one point, the songwriter posed with her tongue out and hands in the air, as she turned heads with her tiny waist

In the meantime, the talented singer behind the hit song “I Like It” was left in awe when her partner presented her with a Rolls Royce truck, just days after giving her a bright pink billboard from their child. Her friends also changed their outfits, as seen in videos on social media where they partied late into the night while wearing t-shirts and leggings. Kylie Jenner also made an impression with her gift, as Cardi B expressed her gratitude for the light blue Birkin bag from the young makeup mogul.

Cheers! Cardi rang in her 28th birthday surrounded by pals amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Hooray! Cardi celebrated her 28th birthday in the company of her friends despite the current COVID-19 crisis.

Dessert: After enjoying a massive, four-tier cake at the club and twerking the night away, the mother-of-one continued her festivities at a private home with her closest friends

Sweet Treat: Following the indulgence in a grandiose, four-layered cake at the club and dancing all night long, the woman who has a child decided to extend her celebration by heading to a private residence with her nearest and dearest companions.

Dancing: The Bodak Yellow singer let loose, as she publicly reunited with her ex for the first time, since announcing she filed for divorce from on September 16

The Bodak Yellow artist danced and had fun as she was seen with her ex in public for the first time since revealing that she filed for divorce on September 16th. Although she has not spoken about her current relationship with Offset, she has defended him against negative comments on social media. Recently, she tweeted (now deleted) that although he may be foolish, he is not a bad person. This sighting on Saturday marked the first time they’ve been seen together since announcing their split.

Outfit change: At one point, she ended up sensually dancing on top of Offset with her legs straddled around him, after changing into a pair of light grey sweats

During the performance, Cardi B had a wardrobe change and was seen dancing sensually on top of Offset with her legs wrapped around him. However, the tweets about the incident have since been deleted. In those tweets, she expressed her gratitude towards Offset for not trying to underpay her like other brands and not asking for any benefits. She also called out a Twitter user and threatened to slap them for their rude comments towards her and their toddler. Despite her strong language, Cardi B’s fans continue to admire her outspoken personality.

Getting casual: She was not the only one in her group to make an outfit change, as evidenced by social media videos of her pals dancing into the wee hours in t-shirts and leggings

Going relaxed: It wasn’t just her who decided to switch up her attire, as can be seen from social media clips of her friends grooving in casual t-shirts and leggings until the early hours.

Wow! While not all her friends could be physically present for her birthday amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Kylie Jenner sent a memorable gift

Impressively, despite the current pandemic preventing some of her friends from attending her birthday celebrations, Kylie Jenner received a special gift from Cardi B. According to People, the Me Gusta rapper made a now-deleted tweet defending her ex, Offset, and his role as a father to their child. Cardi filed for divorce from the Migos rapper last month due to constant arguments, but not because of infidelity.

'He a dumb*** not a bad man': Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B passionately defended her estranged husband Offset on Thursday night after some of her 133.1M following attacked him on social media (pictured July 10)

Cardi B came to the defense of her estranged husband, Offset, on Thursday night, declaring that he is not a bad person but just sometimes acts foolishly. The rapper received backlash from some of her 133.1 million followers on social media, but she passionately defended him and urged others not to judge him based on his mistakes.

'I don't give a f*** if you don't like him': Cardi also threatened to 'slap the s*** out of' one Twitter user 'out of courtesy' of their two-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus (pictured June 22)

Cardi B didn’t seem to care about the opinions of others regarding her husband Offset, as she expressed her disregard with a strong expletive. She even threatened to physically harm a Twitter user, out of concern for their young daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus. Offset has four children, including Kulture, with different women. The rapper will be performing in Atlanta soon, with proceeds going to those affected by the pandemic. Meanwhile, Cardi’s inbox is busy with messages from potential suitors, and she received extravagant gifts for her birthday.

Special guest: On Sunday, the party continued for Cardi, who was joined by Kylie Jenner, who wore an eye-catching sparkly mini dress, and her BFF Stassie in Las Vegas

Cardi’s party on Sunday had a special guest in the form of Kylie Jenner, who donned a striking sparkly mini dress and was accompanied by her close pal Stassie. Although the duo didn’t snap any pictures with Cardi, they were present at the event, as revealed by their social media posts from Las Vegas. In one of her posts, Jenner appeared all set to let loose and have some fun in her glitzy outfit before flying back on her private jet. Alongside Stassie and former assistant Victoria, the trio enjoyed Don Julio 1942 and Red Bull, living it up in a luxurious high-roller suite in true Vegas style.

Having fun: On her social media, Jenner looked reading to cut loose in an eye-catching sparkly mini dress, before continuing the fun on her private jet as they headed home

Enjoying herself: Jenner appeared ready to have a good time in a stunning glittery short dress, as seen on her social media. She then continued the festivities on her personal plane as they made their way back home.

Flying private: She and pals Stassie, and former assistant Victoria, sipped on Don Julio 1942 and Red Bull, as they partied it up Vegas style, in a high-roller suite

Exploring the skies in a private jet, she enjoyed the company of her friends Stassie and former assistant Victoria. They spent their time in Vegas style, sipping on Don Julio 1942 and Red Bull, while partying away in a high-roller suite.

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