“Cardi B’s Candid Moment: Inviting Offset to Laser Hair Removal Session Over Pizza Before Parting Ways at LaserAway Clinic”

Cardi B and Offset, who have had an on-again-off-again relationship, were recently seen taking their relationship up a notch. The couple was seen leaving a laser hair removal salon called LaserAway, in Los Angeles. While getting lasered, Cardi expressed her concerns on social media while her husband enjoyed some pizza.

Salon time: Cardi B and her formerly estranged husband Offset were spotted leaving LaserAway, a laser hair removal salon, in Los Angeles

Cardi B and Offset were recently seen visiting LaserAway in Los Angeles for some hair removal treatment. The couple was seen wearing matching black outfits with red stripes on their legs. Offset was seen sporting an expensive collection of chains with a black jacket and a backwards black baseball hat. Cardi, who was still rocking her pink bob, wore a velvet two-piece outfit from her popular Fashion Nova x Cardi B collection. The outfit hugged her curves and had long sleeves with bell bottoms.

Coordination: Cardi and Offset seemed to have the same style in mind as they both donned black and red ensembles

Chic: Still rocking her current candy pink bob, Cardi stepped out in a velour two-piece with large vertical color blocked panels in black, red, burgundy and blue

Cardi and Offset appeared to be on the same fashion wavelength, sporting matching black and red outfits during their recent outing. Cardi added a fun touch with her choice of flatform sandals. Although they left LaserAway separately and drove off in different cars, they showed a united front once inside as Cardi prepared for her laser session.

Snack time: Cardi shared a video from the waiting room at LaserAway of Offset eating a big slice of cheese pizza

During snack time, Cardi took to social media to post a video of Offset indulging in a large slice of cheese pizza in the waiting room at LaserAway.

'Do you wanna see me get my vagina lasered?' Cardi asked her 27-year-old husband

“Would you like to watch me get a laser treatment on my vagina?” Cardi inquired from her spouse, who is 27 years old. As she shared a video of Offset waiting in the hair removal experts’ waiting area, there was no doubt about what she was going to have done. The musician sat opposite his partner and unveiled a large slice of cheese pizza from a small takeout box.

Nerves: The rap star told her husband that she was scared to get the procedure

Jitters: The hip-hop artist confided in her spouse about feeling anxious to undergo the surgery.

'Don't be scared it's a beautiful thing,' Offset said to relax Cardi. 'That s**t gonna be spit shined.'

Offset tried to calm down Cardi by saying that getting a piercing is not scary and even called it a beautiful thing. He assured her that it will be taken care of and polished properly. Cardi agreed and mentioned the importance of having a smooth finish. However, she admitted feeling scared about the process. Offset repeated his words of encouragement and reminded her that everything will turn out fine.

Big time! Cardi is coming off of her first Grammy win for rap album of the year, making history as the first solo woman to do so in the category

Wow, Cardi B is on top of the world right now! She just won her first Grammy for best rap album, which is a huge deal in the music industry. And to top it off, she’s the first solo female artist to ever win in this category – talk about breaking barriers!

Despite some drama with her husband, Offset, there were recent reports that they may have reconciled. And it looks like those reports were true, because the two were seen together at the Grammys looking very cozy. In fact, Offset even joined Cardi on stage when she accepted her award – how sweet is that? Looks like things are looking up for Cardi, both personally and professionally.

Back on: After a split, Offset and Cardi appeared to have reconciled as she brought him on stage with her to accept the Grammy

After a period of separation, it seems that Offset and Cardi B have patched things up, as evidenced by her invitation for him to join her on stage during her Grammy acceptance speech.

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