Curvy model Demi Rose looks ready to party in leggings and a skimpy crop top




Curvy model Demi Rose looks ready to party in leggings and a skimpy crop top

The sexy model showed off her famous figure in a skintight outfit

DEMI Rose looked ready to party as she arrived in Ibiza for a sun-soaked break.

The sexy model arrived at the party island dressed in a skimpy crop top and leggings, which showed off the curves that have made her famous.

9Demi Rose showed off her curves as she arrived in IbizaCredit: KP Pictures

9The star showed off a whole lot of sass in her cute crop topCredit: KP Pictures

The 22-year-old looked incredible as she showed off her curvy bottom and impressive chest as jetted into Spain.

She wore her long brown hair tied up on top of her head and her make-up looked fresh and natural.

9The star was spotted arriving at the party islandCredit: KP Pictures

Upon arriving at the airport, she told onlookers that she “couldn’t wait to hit the clubs”.

Later the sexy star shared a Snapchat video of inside her luxury villa.

As she gave her fans a sneak peek of her holiday home, writing on the video “not a bad life”.

The Sun revealed how Demi is launching a bikini range for “sexy modern women with bigger bottoms”.

9Her peachy bum was on full display in her leggingsCredit: KP Pictures



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9She looked happy to start her holidayCredit: KP Pictures

The social media star is tipped to make a fortune by showcasing her beachwear to her 4 million followers.

She built up her huge online audience courtesy of revealing photoshoots shoots which show off her notorious curves.

9The 22-year-old told onlookers she “couldn’t wait to hit the clubs”Credit: KP Pictures

A source told The Sun’s Bizarre column: “Demi has a rather distinctive body shape and is targetting her bikini range on girls with similar figures.

“Big bums have never been more in fashion thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and she’s hoping to continue that trend.

“She’s built her career around being body confident and showing off her figure – so she’s excited to share with fans everything she’s been working on.”

Last month The Sun’s Bizarre column revealed the curvy model is setting her sights on becoming the “world’s sexiest DJ” after lining up a series of gigs in Ibiza this summer.

9She pushed a huge suitcase with her designer bag sat on topCredit: KP Pictures

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