Demi Rose couldn’t tease her fans more with new pictures she uploaded to her Instagram profile.

The glamour model, who previously dated Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga, has driven fans wild with new photos of herself as she posed in a pool.

The first picture showed Demi reclining in the pool as she posed with her arm on the side as she pouted for the camera.

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She wore her dark brown hair slicked back behind her ears and minimal makeup that showed off her gorgeous features.

Demi’s tiny black bikini showed off her curves and the clear blue water provided the perfect backdrop for her glam shoot.

Demi teased fans with some saucy snaps
Demi teased fans with some saucy snaps

Another snap saw Demi standing in the middle of the pool as she gazed off into the distance while she played with her hair.

Her bikini barely covered her chest which was clasped together by a large gold pendant over her stomach.

Demi’s tiny bottoms featured gold charms on the thin straps which pulled in her waist and accentuated her hourglass figure.

The golden hour sunset showed off her sun kissed skin as one hand rested on her leg while she held the other behind her head.

Demi played with her hair while she posed
Demi played with her hair while she posed

In the third picture, Demi made eye contact with the photographer as she looked over her shoulder.

She popped her hip out as her bum rested above the water while her long hair reached down her back.

In the caption, Demi called herself a “golden girl” and her loyal fans went crazy for her curves in the comments.

One wrote: “I’m glad that I lived to see this,” with a smiling emoji.

The glam model held a champagne glass for the shoot
The glam model held a champagne glass for the shoot

Another said: “Beautifully enough to make a grown man cry. Thank you Demi Rose.”

A kind fan: “My goodness, you are so beautiful and gorgeous.”

The OnlyFans star loves to strip off for her 19.9 million followers and recently teased them with a project she had been working on.

She shared a selfie on her Insta story which showed off her ample chest as she told her fans that she had just “filmed a sexy workout”.