“Elizabeth Olsen’s Romance Update: Actress Spotted Hand-in-Hand with Musician Boyfriend Robbie Arnett”

On Monday, Elizabeth Olsen was seen in New York City with her new boyfriend, musician Robbie Arnett. The actress, known for her role in Captain America: Civil War, kept warm in a cozy beige teddy coat and a dark beanie. She paired the coat with leather trousers and over-the-knee boots in the same shade, finishing off the look with a beige handbag. Olsen, who is the younger sister of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, seemed comfortable and stylish during her outing with Arnett.

New guy! Elizabeth Olsen stepped out with her new musician boyfriend Robbie Arnett on her arm in New York City on Monday 

Elizabeth Olsen made a public appearance with her new beau, musician Robbie Arnett, in New York City on Monday.

 Happy lady: The blonde star could not keep her hands off the dashing young man

Ecstatic woman: The attractive blonde just couldn’t resist touching the charming young man. To complete her fashionable outfit, she put on a pair of chic circular sunglasses. The starlet was overjoyed as she looked up at her new beau. Robbie looked debonair in his dark jeans, jumper and camel coat. On Tuesday, E! revealed that Robbie, who is a singer for the indie pop band Milo Greene, is the new man in her life.

Keeping snug: The Captain America: Civil War actress was bundled up for the chilly Spring weather in a beige teddy bear style coat and dark beanie

Staying warm: The star of Captain America: Civil War was dressed for the cool spring climate in a cozy beige coat resembling a teddy bear and a dark beanie.

So chic: She wore a pair of leather trousers with matching over the knee boots as she accessorized with a beige handbag

Very stylish: She donned a set of leather pants along with corresponding high boots that went beyond her knees. Completing the look, she carried a beige purse as an accessory.

Protection from the rays: The blonde beauty added a pair of round designer sunglasses to complete her stylish look

To shield herself from the sun, the attractive blonde wore a set of circular sunglasses that complemented her fashionable appearance. According to insiders, Lizzie is thrilled about her new beau, who has been described as a “fantastic guy,” and the pair are currently in an exclusive partnership. As they strolled through the streets of New York City, they held hands at one point during their brisk walk. Although Elizabeth typically keeps her romantic life private, she was engaged to American actor and fashion model Boyd Holbrook from 2014 to 2015.

Dapper: The man in question looked suave in a pair of dark jeans, a jumper and a camel coat

Sharp: The gentleman appeared stylish in his dark denim pants, a sweater, and a tan topcoat.

Look of love: The youngest of the Olsen sisters couldn't contain her glee as she gazed upwards at her new beau

Love is in the air! The littlest of the Olsen siblings was absolutely beaming as she looked up at her fresh love interest.

Romantic: The pair strode alongside one another for a brisk walk in the Big Apple as they were seen holding hands at one point

Lovestruck: The couple took a leisurely stroll in New York City, clasping hands at one point. There have been rumors about her romantic connections with Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, and Alexander Skarsgård in the past. In the meantime, Olsen’s fans will have ample opportunities to see her on the silver screen in the coming months. She is set to showcase her acting skills in the drama Light on Broken Glass later this year. Olsen will portray a young actress named Melody Harper, who is getting ready for the revival of a well-known Broadway production towards the end of her illustrious career.

Cute: The pair looked happy in each other's company as they walked through NYC

Adorable: The two appeared to be enjoying each other’s company while strolling along the streets of New York City.

Beauty: Olsen nailed the casual chic look for her day out in the big city

Beauty: Olsen nailed the casual chic look for her day out in the big city

The actress, Olsen, looked effortlessly stylish during her recent outing in the city. However, she seems to struggle with reality as old memories flood her mind. In addition to her impressive resume, Olsen will also be starring in Kodachrome alongside notable actors like Jason Sudeikis and Ed Harris. The plot of the movie revolves around the last days of the beloved Kodachrome photo development system. The film follows a father-son duo as they embark on a journey to reach the Kansas photo lab before it shuts down its operations for good. Moreover, Olsen is all set to reprise her character as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch in the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, which is slated to hit theaters in 2018.

Smart: The duo complimented one another with their stylish coats

Intelligent: The pair’s fashionable jackets perfectly matched each other.

Friendly girl: Olsen looked happy as she got ready to embrace one of her friends

With a smile on her face, Olsen appeared delighted as she prepared to give one of her pals a warm hug.

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