“Gal Gadot’s Hilarious SNL Spoof Kiss: Wonder Woman Locks Lips with Kate McKinnon”

Gal Gadot, who played Wonder Woman in the movie franchise, swapped kisses with comedian Kate McKinnon in a hilarious SNL sketch. The skit featured Aidy Bryant and Kate as lesbian women arriving on the island of Themyscira, which is home to only beautiful women. Gal Gadot had previously locked lips with Chris Pine on screen while playing the role of Steve Trevor.

Locking lips: On Saturday, Gal Gadot, 32, kissed comedian Kate McKinnon, 33, in an SNL spoof of the superhero film

Over the weekend, Gal Gadot made an appearance on SNL and shared a kiss with comedian Kate McKinnon during a parody of her superhero film. However, it was later revealed that neither Gadot nor McKinnon identify as lesbians. In the skit, McKinnon and Aidy Bryant expressed their disappointment about not being attracted to women. Gadot tried to comfort them by suggesting she kiss one of them to see if she would “feel something.”

How it began: The opening of the skit saw lesbians Aidy Bryant, 30, and Kate arrive to the island of Themyscira

The skit started with two women, Aidy Bryant aged 30 and Kate, who were lesbians, arriving at Themyscira island.

Smiling at first: The women were initially happy to have arrived to the piece of land, which is of course, only inhabited by women

Initially, the women were delighted upon reaching the land solely inhabited by their gender, and their smiles reflected their contentment.

Bummer: Kate and Aidy continued to discuss their disappointment

Sorry to hear that: Kate and Aidy carried on with their conversation about their letdown.

Aidy decided not to participate, citing her emotional attachment as the reason. Kate expressed that they were not willing to be experiment subjects for Gal unless he desires to. Despite being hesitant, Kate agreed to participate and Gal kissed her. Unfortunately, Gal did not feel anything and apologized. Aidy and Kate were disappointed and left the island to go to their next stop, Lesbos.

 'Maybe I should try and kiss one of you': Gal tried to comfort the women and said she wanted to understand how they felt

Gal attempted to console the ladies by suggesting that she could try to give them a kiss. She expressed her desire to comprehend their emotions.

'I'm sorry': Gal then kissed Kate, but said she felt nothing

“I apologize”: Gal planted a kiss on Kate’s lips, however, she mentioned that she didn’t experience any emotional response.

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