Gorgeous and shining: Angelina Jolie at the 2022 Oscars 👇✨



Angelina Jolie, Oscar 2012: This was the dress that defined the year. Angelina Jolie’s black Versace gown, featuring a thigh-high slit, became the center of attention on the red carpet and stole the show at the Oscars in February.

Angelina Jolie’s choice of attire at the 2012 Oscars created quite a buzz in the fashion world and generated extensive media coverage. The black Versace gown showcased her statuesque figure and made a bold statement with its daring thigh-high slit. The dress accentuated her long legs and added a touch of sensuality to her overall look.


The gown’s striking design instantly became a topic of conversation, with many praising Angelina Jolie’s confidence and style. The thigh-high slit became an iconic feature of the dress, setting a trend and inspiring fashion enthusiasts around the world. It sparked numerous imitations and cemented its place as one of the most memorable red carpet moments in recent history.


Angelina Jolie’s elegant and sophisticated demeanor further elevated the impact of the dress. Her poise and grace captured the attention of photographers and attendees alike, making her a standout presence at the Oscars that year.

In summary, Angelina Jolie’s black Versace gown with its thigh-high slit made a significant impact at the 2012 Oscars. The dress became the talk of the town, showcasing her confident style and setting a trend in the fashion industry. Angelina Jolie’s poise and elegance added to the dress’s allure, making it a memorable and defining moment in red carpet history.

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