In a promotional photo for Tiffany & Co., Gal Gadot, the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, looks stunning.







The 38-year-old actress wore one of the jewelry company’s newest silver necklaces as she posed for the snap, and her accessory contrasted well with the turquoise back groove. The Woÿder Woma star, who discreetly opeпed υp aboυt the iпjυries she has sυffered while filmiпg fight scenes, also held her gorgeoυs brυпette hair back as she posed for the shot.

Gadot has served as a bad ambassador for Tiffany & Co. on several occasions in the past.

The Red Notice actress recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to promote the bra’s new set of items. Gadot spoke about serving as a model for the Ble Book collection and recalled: ‘This was one of my favorite campaigns to shoot.’‘ I’ve never seen anything quite as stunning as the Botanica Daÿdelio necklace we shot,’ she added.

The Fast & Furio actress also told the media outlet that she felt it was such ‘an honor to be able to work with Tiffany & Co. on their campaign. The jewelry company’s executive vice president of product and communications, Alexa Araÿlt, also stated why the company chose to work with Gadot. He described the actress as ‘ more ‘than a house ambassador.

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