Introducing a fish-selling cat named ‘Cool Dog’ causing a sensation in the online community.


Recently, images of a “super stylish, super cool” cat selling fish in Vietnam have unexpectedly caused a sensation on the internet, both domestically and internationally.


The entertainment news site Bored Panda commented on this “heart-stealing” cat, stating that its appearance is so captivating that if the cat were selling… sand in the middle of a desert, people would still want to buy.

The cat in question is commonly known as… Dog. Dog is three years old this year. The humorous name was given by its owner, Le Quoc Phong. This adorable cat has been mentioned in various Vietnamese online newspapers as an interesting little story recently.

Le Quoc Phong and his small cat currently live in Hai Phong. Occasionally, Phong takes his cat to the market to let the cat… sell fish. Every time they appear outside the market, they attract the curious and amused attention of passersby.

Like a true salesperson, the cat named… Dog always appears in the most “charming” appearance. The owner of the cat shared with Bored Panda, saying, “Dog loves to eat ice cream, enjoys going out, and likes to sleep. He also has many girlfriends and many offspring. My cat also loves to take photos and cooperates well when wearing beautiful clothes.”

Phong gave his cat such a humorous name because this cat behaves like a… little dog. Stories about this cute fish-selling cat have appeared in many foreign news outlets recently.

Chú mèo bán cá đã trở nên nổi tiếng tại một khu chợ địa phương ở Hải Phòng, Việt Nam..


Hình ảnh chú mèo bán cá “siêu ngầu” ở Việt Nam gây sốt - 2


Chú mèo đỏm dáng này rất thích được mặc đồ điệu ra chợ bán hàng.


Hình ảnh chú mèo bán cá “siêu ngầu” ở Việt Nam gây sốt - 4


Chó - tên gọi hài hước của chú mèo - đã trở nên nổi tiếng tại khu chợ.


Mỗi lần đi chợ, Chó lại thu hút sự quan tâm thích thú của cả khu chợ.


Hình ảnh chú mèo bán cá “siêu ngầu” ở Việt Nam gây sốt - 7




… Chú mèo bán rau.


… Bán trứng.


Nhưng thích nhất vẫn cứ là bán cá.
Hình ảnh chú mèo bán cá “siêu ngầu” ở Việt Nam gây sốt - 12


Mèo Chó rất thích mặc điệu.


Diện mạo chân thực của mèo Chó.



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