Lebron James Dons a Pink Ensemble for a Special Barbie Screening

Have you come across the viral photos of LeBron James dressed up in pink supposedly attending the premiere of the latest Barbie movie? Well, as it turns out, those pictures are completely fabricated, despite being widely shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The photos that have been circulating on social media showing LeBron James in a pink skirt and carrying a pink purse are not real. These pictures were generated using advanced artificial intelligence tools such as MidJourney or DALL-E, and are often captioned with humor, such as “LeBron James on the Barbie movie.” Although the color of the skirt is not exactly pink, it is close enough to fool some people into thinking it is real. At this time, the specific AI tool used to create these images is not known.

A picture that is fake has garnered over 260,000 views on Facebook and has even been noticed by Politifact, an organization that verifies political claims. Politifact discovered that some of the images of James were fabricated and that the fingers in these photos were disproportionate and had an unusual, “alien-like” appearance. This indicates that artificial intelligence (AI) still struggles with creating realistic-looking fingers in viral fake images.

Greta Gerwig’s latest directorial venture, featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is a unique blend of nostalgia and criticism towards the iconic Barbie doll. The movie has already raked in a whopping $200 million in box office collections for Warner Bros.

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