LeBron James gets his first flopping tech of the year after Isiah Stewart shoves him



Against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, LeBron James handed down his first-ever flopping technical penalty. While the Los Angeles Lakers were in Detroit for their third quarter game, the event took place. Isiah Stewart was the one James attempted to depose.

But when Stewart saw James get into position, he slowed down his drive. The Lakers’ great player fell to the court after the Pistons’ big man nudged him. The four-time MVP received his first flopping technical foul because the officials failed to see it as a legitimate charge.

Interestingly, there is animosity between Isiah Stewart and LeBron James. Setwart sustained a gash above his eye in a brutal cоnfrоntatiоn that occurred between them two years ago.

Players, referees, and security guards had to separate the Pistons forward from James on many occasions as blооd splattered all over his forehead as he attempted to assault the point guard. The referees in that game removed both players and suspended them.

All game on Wednesday, they were shoving and shoving each other. James appears to have ended his most recent showdown with Stewart as the Lakers take a 20-point lead at the third-quarter break and send him to the bench.

In a matchup with the struggling Pistons, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will take care of business.

Before Wednesday’s game against the Pistons, LeBron James and the Lakers had just suffered the worst loss of James’s career. On Monday, the Philadelphia 76ers defeated Los Angeles by a score of 44 points. This loss ranks as the fourth worst in club history for the team.

Fortunately, facing the faltering Pistons wasn’t a difficult matchup, so the Lakers were able to regain their lost steam. Losses for Detroit now stand at fourteen games. With a lead of 101–76 with a quarter remaining, Los Angeles will quickly reach 15.

It’s been a volley from LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and D’Angelo Russell. Game totals of 20 points for every participant. Meanwhile, Russell is currently leading the team in scoring with 29 points.

Winning would put the Lakers at 11-8 and the Pistons at 2-16. Tomorrow, the young OKC Thunder will play host to Los Angeles, capping up their road trip.

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