Messi describes his new goal celebration technique at Inter Miami





Five years after receiving their formal Football Club licence, Inter Miami—the youngest team in Major League Soccer—reached their first-ever League Cup final.




Inter Miami cruised past Philadelphia Union 3-0 on Wednesday, with World Cup winner Lionel Messi leading his club to victory once again.


Miami advanced to the final thanks to a goal from the Argentine star and two goals from Jodi Alba. On Saturday, they will now play Nashville, SC.



Since Messi’s debut, Miami has won six straight games. They paid $60 million in salaries every season to sign the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).


In just six games, the 36-year-old has scored nine goals, averaging 1.5 goals per contest.


Prior to his arrival, the Club had only scored 22 goals in 22 games and had lost 11 of those contests.


Messi on his recent festivities

The Argentine celebrity has also been spotted celebrating his accomplishments in a different way by making motions akin to those of a Marvel superhero. After after, he gave an explanation of his new goal-celebration.


“My three children have not yet begun school and are still on vacation. Thus, we watch Marvel superheroes every night,” he stated in an interview. They are the ones who came up with the concept and advised me to celebrate like a Marvel superhero each time I score a goal in a game. This is how the concept originated, and we have stuck with this practice ever since.


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