Shocks the USA, Neymar’s decision to go to Inter Miami that paralyzes Miami



Could MSN really reunite at Inter Miami after so many years?

Inter Miami today lost its third consecutive friendly match, after losing to Al Hilal by 4 goals to 3. This was the first friendly in Saudi Arabia of the two that there will be, as there is still this Thursday against Al Nassr on February 1st.

Now, Inter Miami is receiving criticism because they have lost three times in two weeks, and in addition, they have a total of eleven games without knowing victory. Now, it has been revealed that Neymar Jr had promised David Beckham to sign for Inter Miami!


Neymar Jr just arrived at Al Hilal just six months ago, but he has almost not been able to play due to a serious injury he suffered with the Brazilian national team. Al Hilal removed him from the squad for a while.

The promise of Neymar Jr

The conversation that Neymar had with Beckham: “I was the one who asked to play for [Inter Miami] and I want to. I already told David Beckham. I told him that I will play there one day. I think it is a great opportunity for the country to grow its football. As I said before, I already have my contract with David.” And he closed: “In a few years I will be there. We are in this together. He is my president.”

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