Stepping into a new style era! Shakira embraces the edgy, avantgarde vibe as she becomes a Rick Owens girl. Fashion transformation at its finest.



It won’t be long and Shakira will start to resemble Fecal Matter – not the disgusting substance – but the body horror duo that lurk outside the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, waiting for Rick Owens to debut his seasonal collections. That is because Shakira – who is best known for her spangled catsuits and the occasional Viktor & Rolf revenge dress – has been spotted in a pair of lucite-heeled Kiss Boots.

The musician wore those vertiginous platforms (inspired by Larry LeGaspi’s outlandish designs for Kiss, Patti LaBelle and the drag queen Divine) while perusing NFTs at Art Basel Miami. As much an arena to be seen and as it is to see, Shakira wore those shoes with loose-fitting cargo pants, one of Jean Paul Gauliter and Knwls’s trompe l’œil mesh tops and a Burberry bowling bag.

Since separating from ex-husband Gerard Piqué, the past few years have seen Shakira lean further into performative dressing – ie. dressing for an audience even when “running errands” – in Mugler minidresses, retina-burning fuchsia suits and crystal-encrusted trench coats. That might also explain why she transformed herself into a mermaid for the November issue of British Vogue. This is broadly a good thing: celebrities, with all their access, should dress with more of a berserk spirit. I can’t wait to see a pale, bald-capped Shakira with prosthetics bulging out of her face at the next Rick Owens show.


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