The $15 million helicopter that Lionel Messi owns makes everyone jealous

Lionel Mei made the decision to buy a Florida house with a helipad after considerable thought. Thanks to this, I can easily and safely take a helicopter to the training ground.

Everything was on Lionel Messi when he and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo found a good house for their family. Just over ten kilometers from the DRV PNK stadium, home of Inter Miami, sits this Fort Lauderdale house.

The property has a movie screening room, a swimming pool, a garden patio, a gym, a sauna, five bedrooms, and seven bathrooms. The 3.5 square kilometer region, in the middle of the Intracoastal body of water, is where people store their boats.

I would be delighted to take a helicopter to the training ground every day.

We are overjoyed that the villa has a helipad on the property. On Thursdays, I can now easily and quickly take the helicopter to Inter Miami’s training facilities. There won’t be any problems with the 2022 World Cup champion driving a lightweight vehicle, either. Alternatively put, the arrangement for Mei to travel from the KYI to the training area is slowly coming together.

While traveling to Paris with his wife Antonela, this is Leo Messi, as reported by Fabrizio Romano on X. A medical evaluation and paperwork with PSG are now necessary. Messi and PSG in a match?

A surgeon owned the villa before. I paid $29.7 million USD for it in March of this year. Inter Miami gives me a good deal, so Mei doesn’t care about cost. The sale of the mansion is being negotiated by Alan Eckenazi, a prominent real estate agent in Florida. The documentation of the haste with which the purchase and sale process must be concluded is essential.

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