The Rock Returns to the Fast & Furious Saga: Embracing Unity and Resolving Feuds


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has excitedly announced that he will be making his return to the popular Fast & Furious franchise, reprising his role as the beloved character Hobbs. Just a year ago, there was uncertainty surrounding his involvement in the film series due to a feud with Vin Diesel, a longstanding member of the Fast & Furious cast. Towards the end of 2021, Dwayne hinted that his time as Hobbs had reached its conclusion. However, much to the delight of fans, he made a surprising cameo in the recently released film Fast X, appearing in a mid-credits scene.
Taking to Instagram this Wednesday, the 53-year-old divulged that his brief appearance was merely a tease for his character’s grand return. In his post, he also addressed his past disagreement with Vin Diesel, expressing that they have put it all behind them and will prioritize unity and dedication while taking care of the franchise, characters, and the fans they both hold dear.



'Just got lei'd': Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has confirmed he is returning to the Fast & Furious franchise for a spin-off about his 'legendary lawman' Hobbs

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has joyfully announced his comeback to the Fast & Furious series, signing up for a thrilling spin-off centered around his iconic character, Hobbs, who is deemed a legendary law enforcement officer.

Hunk-tastic: A year ago his future in the film series was clouded by doubt amid his feud with Vin Diesel, a longtime mainstay of the movies; pictured in Fast & Furious 6 in 2013


A year ago, there were doubts about Dwayne’s future in the film series due to his feud with Vin Diesel, a long-standing member of the movies. However, Dwayne recently made an exciting announcement in an Instagram video. In the video, he can be seen wearing Ray-Bans and a lei while standing on a balcony overlooking the ocean in Hawaii.

In the video, Dwayne expressed that he and Vin have had a brother-like relationship for many years. Despite their differences, they both prioritize the idea of unity and working towards a common goal. They understand the importance of thinking about the future and the bigger plans that lie ahead. Dwayne referred to these plans as the “North Star,” which acts as his guiding light in any endeavor he is passionate about.

Dwayne went on to explain that the franchise, their beloved characters, and their loyal fans are all part of this “North Star.” Considering all these factors, he came to the decision that it was not difficult to be a part of the Fast & Furious franchise once again. He shared this news with his fans, playfully teasing that they should prepare for exciting times ahead by wearing their “funderwear” and stating, “HOBBS IS BACK. And he just got lei’d.”

Dwayne further revealed that his character, Luke Hobbs, will be returning to the Fast & Furious franchise. He expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming reactions from fans around the world to Hobbs’ return in Fast X. He also disclosed that the next Fast & Furious film will feature a new chapter focused on Hobbs, setting the stage for Fast X: Part II.


In his message, Dwayne emphasized his commitment to putting the audience first throughout his career. This audience-centric mentality will always guide his decisions and actions, serving as his reliable “North Star.”


'HOBBS IS BACK': Dwayne broke the sensational news in an Instagram video that showed him in Ray-Bans and a lei while standing on an oceanfront balcony in Hawaii

‘HOBBS MAKES A COMEBACK’: In a vibrant Instagram video set against the picturesque backdrop of Hawaii, Dwayne Johnson, widely known as ‘The Rock’, unveiled the exciting news. Sporting sunglasses and a floral lei, the Hollywood heartthrob expressed his congratulations to his Fast Family and Universal Studios for the resounding success of FAST X. He further added that both Hobbs and his production company, @SevenBucksProd, are eager to propel the Fast franchise to new and exhilarating heights for fans around the globe.

In a clever nod to his character, Johnson concluded his post with the iconic line from Furious 7, emphasizing his commitment to his craft: ‘Daddy’s gotta go to work.’ Having joined the franchise in 2011 with Fast Five and continuing through The Fate Of The Furious in 2017, Johnson’s portrayal of the charismatic Luke Hobbes resonated deeply with audiences. So much so, that it led to a widely celebrated spin-off in 2019 called Hobbes And Shaw, co-starring the dashing Jason Statham.

However, fans were disheartened when The Rock was noticeably absent from the latest installment, F9. In a heartfelt Instagram post in November 2021, Vin Diesel, Johnson’s co-star and close friend, made an emotional plea for his return. Vin affectionately referred to Dwayne as ‘my little brother’ and invoked the memory of their late co-star Paul Walker, emphasizing their shared commitment to the franchise. He even recalled a promise made to Walker, using their inside nickname for him, and expressed his determination to deliver the best finale in the upcoming Fast 10.

Vin’s post also highlighted the personal connection between their families, with Vin revealing that his children fondly refer to Johnson as Uncle Dwayne.


Throwback: Dwayne joined the series for the 2011 feature Fast Five, in which he is pictured with Vin, and remained on board through the 2017 movie The Fate Of The Furious

Flashback: Dwayne became a part of the franchise with the 2011 blockbuster Fast Five, where he can be seen alongside Vin, and stayed with the series until the release of The Fate Of The Furious in 2017.

Hunk-tastic: His character Luke Hobbes was such a hit with viewers that he also led a 2019 spin-off called Hobbes And Shaw alongside action heartthrob Jason Statham

Hunk-tacular: His character Luke Hobbes was so popular with viewers that he also headlined a 2019 spin-off titled Hobbes And Shaw alongside the swoon-worthy action star Jason Statham.
The superstar of Bloodshot, on the other hand, emphasized: “There isn’t a single holiday that passes without them and you sending well wishes… but the moment has arrived.”
Dwayne, in response, revealed to CNN: “I was truly taken aback by Vin’s recent post. Back in June, when Vin and I actually had a personal conversation, I explicitly informed him that I would not be returning to the franchise.”
The Rock criticized his former co-star, expressing: “Vin’s recent public post was a prime example of his manipulation. It displeased me that he brought up his children and Paul Walker’s death in the post. They should be left out of it.”
However, he had kind words for the franchise, stating: “From the start, my intention was to conclude my incredible journey with this extraordinary Fast And Furious series with gratitude and poise. It’s unfortunate that this public exchange has clouded the situation.”

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