Unleashing Her Fashion Superpowers: Gal Gadot Picks ’90s Classic Over Designer Stilettos at Wonder Woman Premiere

Gal Gadot has proven to be a true super hero both on and off the big screen. During the promotion of her latest box office hit, Wonder Woman, the Israeli actress made quite an impression at every premiere event. Unlike most female celebrities who opt for high-end designer heels, Gal decided to make a bold statement by wearing flat shoes. What’s even more surprising is that the 32-year-old chose affordable sandals from popular retail brands like Rocket Dog and Aldo.

What lies beneath: Gal was a vision while attending the Mexico City, Mexico, premiere in a black silk-satin gown accented with silver embroidery by Prada. The 32-year-old's stylist Elizabeth Stewart took to Instagram to share a photo of her client, plus reveal her 'lil' secret' Rocket Dog shoes

Gal was breathtakingly beautiful as she graced the premiere of Mexico City, Mexico. She wore a stunning black silk-satin gown with silver embroidery by Prada. The famous stylist Elizabeth Stewart shared a photo of her client on Instagram and also disclosed that Gal’s ‘lil’ secret’ were her Rocket Dog shoes.

At the premiere of Wonder Woman in Mexico City, Gal looked absolutely stunning in a black silk-satin dress adorned with silver embroidery by Prada. To complete her look, she wore diamond and plain ear cuffs made of 18k White Gold by Anita Ko. Although her shoes were not visible due to her voluminous gown, her stylist Elizabeth Stewart posted a picture on Instagram and revealed that Gal’s “lil’ secret” was her Rocket Dog shoes. Rocket Dog was a popular brand in the 90s known for their platform flip flops. Though it is unclear which pair Gal specifically wore, the idea that she may have worn any from the brand’s current bestsellers would surely make our inner teenage selves very excited.

Bigtop Webbing Platform Sandal by Rocket Dog, $29.99; urbanoutfitters.com

Rocket Dog’s Bigtop Webbing Platform Sandal is available for only $29.99 on the website urbanoutfitters.com.

ESXRD Bungalow Platform Flip Flop by Rocket Dog, $85; rocketdog.com

ESXRD Paradise Silver Platform Flip Flop by Rocket Dog, $85; rocketdog.com

Check out these stylish platform flip flops by Rocket Dog! On the left, we have the ESXRD Bungalow Platform Flip Flop and on the right, the ESXRD Paradise Silver Platform Flip Flop, both priced at $85 and available on rocketdog.com.

High-low fashion: The star offset her Givenchy gown and $47,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry with a pair of $50.00 flat sandals by Aldo

Gal made a stunning appearance at the Wonder Woman premiere in Los Angeles, California. She caught everyone’s attention by wearing a dazzling sequin floor-length gown from Givenchy. Gal further accessorized her look with a whopping $47,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry, which is quite common for an A-list actress. However, what set her apart was her choice of footwear. She chose to wear a pair of affordable sandals by Aldo, which only cost $50.00. These sandals are known as ‘Starda’ and can be purchased easily from aldoshoes.com. By pairing such a high-end look with inexpensive sandals, she has truly embodied the concept of high-low fashion.

Starda sandals by Aldo, $50; aldoshoes.com

Aldo’s Starda sandals are priced at $50 and were famously worn by Gal Gadot, who hopes to start a trend of red carpet events with flats instead of high heels. Gadot loves high heels for their beauty and sexiness, but acknowledges that stilettos can be unbalanced. She believes it’s time to embrace flats and has been eagerly anticipating this moment – and so have we!

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