Vin Diesel Enjoys a Banana while Filming Fast Furious 9 with Michelle Rodriguez in the British Countryside


Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez were recently sighted on the filming location situated in the picturesque Hertfordshire countryside in England. The charismatic Vin Diesel, renowned for portraying the beloved character Dominic Toretto in the extravagant and highly-anticipated blockbusters, was spotted relishing a banana during the breaks in filming. Meanwhile, the delightful Michelle Rodriguez, who skillfully embodies the role of his onscreen partner Letty Ortiz, displayed a cheerful demeanor throughout their time on set.


Midday Snack: Production has officially kicked off for the highly anticipated Fast Furious 9, with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez making their way to the picturesque Hertfordshire countryside in England on a sunny Monday. Snapshots from the set reveal the dynamic duo filming in a scenic woodland area, their actions shrouded in mystery.
During a break from the action, Vin Diesel seized the opportunity to refuel, casually munching on a banana while being attended to by an assistant. Sporting a quintessential action-hero look, he donned a white vest and a sleeveless blue shirt, showcasing his impressive biceps as he prepared to immerse himself in his role. Completing his ensemble, he opted for pale blue skinny jeans and stylish tan boots.

During the filming, the actor who portrays Dominic Toretto was spotted leisurely enjoying a banana during breaks, while Michelle, who takes on the role of his onscreen wife Letty Ortiz, seemed to be in a cheerful mood.


Feeling famished, Vin indulged in the delicious fruit during the filming of scenes for the immensely popular action movie series.

In the midst of the set: Photographs capture the leading actors in a serene forest location, shooting mysterious scenes for the widely acclaimed action-packed film franchise.


Delicious: Taking full advantage of his free time, Vin was spotted enjoying a banana snack while accompanied by an assistant.

Hollywood hero: Vin, sporting a crisp white vest accompanied by a sleeveless azure shirt, proudly showcased his well-toned arm muscles, ready to immerse himself in his role.

He paired his ensemble with light blue slim-fit jeans and boots in a soft tan shade.

Vin was accompanied by a little boy while on set, who was dressed in blue dungarees and a plaid shirt. In the meantime, Michelle seemed calm and satisfied as she walked around the set, ready for filming. The famous actor looked great in his blue dungarees, which he paired with a white vest top and a denim jacket wrapped around his waist. Michelle, on the other hand, accessorized her outfit with a brown work belt and completed her look with navy Crocs. Both celebrities seemed to be having a great time on their first day of filming, with the production staff surrounding them.

Casual conversation: The celebrity engaging in a friendly chat with one of the crew members during the production of their latest film.

Entering the zone: With a focused expression, Vin appeared engrossed in conversation, fully immersing himself in the role of Dominic Toretto.

Toned and muscular, the star of Riddick confidently flaunted his physique in a snug, white tank top.

Engaged in smoking: Recently, the actor was spotted smoking a cigarette while on the set of the upcoming movie. Alongside this sighting, there are also images capturing Vin’s character, Dominic Toretto, with his iconic Dodge Charger car, which will surely make a grand appearance in the film. In true British fashion, the weather soon took a turn and rain poured down, prompting Vin to seek shelter under an umbrella held by one of his assistants.

To add to the excitement, Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel took to Twitter on Monday to confirm her involvement in the filming of Fast and Furious 9. She excitedly announced her return as the hacktivist character Ramsey, stating, “Day one of shooting Fast and Furious 9 today… The team is back together,” accompanied by various emojis representing the film’s characters.

Location: The ninth movie in the series embarked on a journey to the charming English countryside for its filming.

Speedy transformation: The actor from the Pitch Black film opted for a sleeveless, blue shirt while filming his scenes.

Rain rain go away: Just like a classic British downpour, the sky quickly unleashed its watery fury, and Vin found himself protected from the deluge by an assistant carrying an umbrella.

During his break from shooting, Vin Diesel indulged in a satisfying meal, enjoying his lunchtime with a hearty meal.

Feeding time: Vin settled comfortably at a rustic wooden table, relishing a wholesome meal while in the midst of a film shoot.

Take it easy: The dynamic duo seemed to be having a great time on the set as they kicked off their first day of filming. They were accompanied by a group of talented production crew members.

A new chapter in the action film franchise is about to unfold as pre-production began for the ninth installment in February of this year. The anticipation is real, and fans are already getting hints about what to expect. Through a series of emojis, we catch glimpses of six beloved characters: Dominic, Letty, and Roman Pearce, portrayed by Tyrese Gibson. But that’s not all – it seems that Jordana Brewster’s character, Mia, will be making a comeback after her absence in the previous film, The Fate of the Furious. And let’s not forget about Ramsey and Tej Parker, played by Ludacris, who will once again grace the screen as the dynamic technical duo. Adding to the excitement, it was recently announced that wrestler-turned-actor John Cena has officially joined the cast, a speculation that had been brewing since April, when Vin Diesel, star of the series, dropped hints about Cena’s involvement. With each new detail revealed, the buzz surrounding this epic film continues to grow. Let the countdown begin!

Conclusion: Vin and the young individual exchanged laughter while the celebrity peeled back the skin of his banana.

Torrential Rain: Vin was shielded from the pouring rain by an assistant who held an umbrella above his head while they were shooting.

Rainstorm: As Vin was filming, a helpful assistant came to the rescue, shielding him from the pouring rain with an umbrella.

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