Vin Diesel Hilariously Reacts to Charlize Theron’s Critique of His Kissing Skills on Ellen



During a recent interview with Ellen, Charlize Theron cheekily compared kissing Vin Diesel in The Fate of the Furious to smooching a “lifeless fish.” However, when Vin made an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, he energetically stood up to respond to Charlize’s comment. As Ellen recounted Theron’s harsh words about their on-screen embrace, the 49-year-old actor sprung from his seat to defend himself.


What!! Vin Diesel was outraged that Charlize said kissing him in Fate of the Furious was like kissing a 'dead fish'


Oh my goodness! Vin Diesel was absolutely furious when he found out that Charlize had described their on-screen kiss in Fate of the Furious as comparable to kissing a lifeless fish. Ellen brought up Theron’s comment, quoting her saying, “His character is just frozen like a dead fish.” In complete disbelief, Vin Diesel shouted dramatically towards the audience, “What?! What! Do I really resemble a motionless fishes to you guys?” He couldn’t believe it.


Theron went on to express that Vin Diesel believed it was the greatest kiss of all time, claiming it was the craziest kiss ever, and going on about how his lips never deceive. However, she admitted that she prefers a bit more passion and activity in the men she kisses.

Defence: The actor hit back at the remarks, as he appeared on Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show


Response: In a bold retaliation, the actor fiercely responded to the comments while making a guest appearance on the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday.

Dead fish: Charlize kisses Vin in the latest in the franchise


Fish that have met their demise: Charlize Theron plants a smooch on Vin Diesel in the newest installment of the popular franchise.



Vin jokingly expressed his disapproval, claiming that one should not bring up the impressive animation of Finding Dory while mentioning him and compare him to a lifeless fish. Charlize clarified that Vin’s character on the show is not romantically involved with her character, as he deeply loves his on-screen wife Letty. Hence, it was expected that he wouldn’t react romantically when Charlize appeared on the show back in April. Charlize humorously remarked that Vin’s character remains emotionless, similar to a motionless fish.

Popular: Vin Diesel was on the Ellen show on Tuesday promoting the seventh movie in the franchise

Vin Diesel made an appearance on the widely-watched Ellen show this Tuesday to build excitement and create buzz for the latest installment in the franchise, the seventh movie.

Shocked! The 49-year-old, who plays Dominic Toretto in the franchise, leapt from his seat to defend himself as Ellen read him the scathing remarks

Surprised! The actor, who portrays Dominic Toretto in the series, jumped up in disbelief to protect himself when Ellen recounted the harsh comments.

Joker: The actor asked the audience whether he looked like a 'dead fish' to them

The performer inquired from the crowd if he resembled a ‘lifeless fish’ in their eyes.

All for fun: 'You don¿t come onto Ellen with the wonderful animation of Finding Dory and compare me to a dead fish,' Vin added, pretending to be outraged

All in good fun: Vin jokingly expressed mock outrage when he compared himself to a lifeless fish while promoting the animated film Finding Dory on Ellen. Charlize chimed in, claiming that Vin went on to spread rumors about her “enjoying” the kiss, which she found absurd. She laughed as she revealed that he would confidently assert that she had the time of her life. Charlize then playfully shared that she prefers men who are more active and animated, emphasizing that her character in the movie was not supposed to exhibit the same preferences. In her view, people were mistakenly blending reality and fiction.

Damp squib: Charlize had explained that Vin's character is not into her character and loves his wife Letty, so wasn't supposed to react, when she was on the show earlier in April

A major letdown: During her appearance on the show in April, Charlize enlightened us that Vin’s character doesn’t hold any romantic interest in her character and remains devoted to his wife Letty. Consequently, he was not expected to exhibit any reaction towards her.

Awkward: Charlize Theron told Ellen, earlier this month, that kissing Vin Diesel in The Fate of the Furious was like kissing a 'dead fish'

Casual: During a recent conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, Charlize Theron jokingly compared kissing Vin Diesel in The Fate of the Furious to kissing a lifeless fish.

Joking around: 'I like a little bit more movement in my men', Charlize revealed laughing

Playfully joking, Charlize shared, “I prefer my men to have a little more movement,” as their film, The Fate Of The Furious, continued to dominate the box office for a second consecutive weekend. According to Variety, the eighth installment of the fast cars franchise earned an impressive $38.7 million, outperforming all other movies. Last weekend, the high-octane film made history as it had the largest global debut ever, amassing a staggering $532.5 million. With the familiar faces of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, along with the addition of newcomer Charlize Theron, the movie has now reached a global total of $908.4 million. It is projected to surpass the $1 billion mark this week, and its success is set to continue as it opens in Japan next weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.



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