Vin Diesel’s 5-Year-Old Son Takes a Private Jet to His First Basketball Game



Vin Diesel, who is renowned for his roles as a solitary and tough action hero in movies, demonstrated a more tender side of his personality recently. He indulged in some quality father-son time with his youngest son, Vincent Sinclair, who is five years old. This heartwarming moment took place during a basketball game in Oakland, California on Monday. Court-side, the 48-year-old actor could be seen laughing and joking with his son, displaying the characteristics of a truly loving and devoted dad. Vincent, who is Diesel’s only son with his partner Paloma Jiménez, was experiencing his first ever NBA game, making the occasion all the more special.


Father-son time: Vin Diesel showed a softer side to his character as he enjoyed a spot of father-son bonding with his youngest son Vincent Sinclair, five, at a basketball game in Oakland, California on Monday


Quality Time with his Son: Vin Diesel revealed a tender side to his personality as he indulged in some father-son bonding with his youngest child, Vincent Sinclair, aged five, at a basketball game in Oakland, California on Monday. Making sure his little one had a prime view of the action, the renowned Fast and Furious actor and his mini-me son couldn’t contain their excitement throughout the match. Positioned closely to his dad, Vincent seemed mesmerized as he and his famous father spectated the Golden State Warriors’ victorious game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Grinning widely, Vin couldn’t hide his delight as he witnessed his son thoroughly enjoying his first basketball experience, taking in all the sights and sounds of the court.


Doting dad: Laughing and joking with his son court side, the 48-year-old actor looked the picture of a doting dad as he took Vincent - his only son with partner Paloma Jiménez - to his first NBA game

Adoring father: With a beaming smile and playful banter, the 48-year-old actor displayed his love and affection for his son as they enjoyed courtside seats at their first NBA game together. The Last Witch Hunter star opted for a laid-back and informal outfit, donning a stylish black leather jacket lined with fur. He complemented the jacket with a sweater adorned with a face print, paired with boot-cut jeans and black boots. Adding a touch of his signature movie star charm, Vin wore oversized aviator sunglasses throughout the game.


A regular mini me: Treating the youngster to a VIP view of all the action, the Fast and Furious star and his lookalike son couldn't hide their excitement during the match

A typical miniature replica: Providing the young one with an exclusive perspective of the thrilling event, the beloved actor of Fast and Furious and his identical son struggled to contain their joy throughout the game.


Captivated: Sitting close to his father, Vincent appeared captivated as he and his famous father watched the Golden State Warriors cruise to victory against the Memphis Grizzlies

Spellbound: Nestled beside his dad, Vincent seemed captivated as he and his renowned father witnessed the Golden State Warriors effortlessly secure a triumph over the Memphis Grizzlies.




Vincent, on the other hand, seemed to be resembling his father not just in appearance but also in his fashion sense. He sported a white flat cap to cover his curly hair and looked absolutely adorable in a grey pea coat, sweater, black boot-cut jeans, and tan boots. Earlier in the day, Vincent shared a video of himself and his young son, expressing their excitement for their first basketball game. He also playfully mentioned how his son thinks “diesels rock.” It’s evident that the father-son duo share a special bond. In addition to his son, Vincent is a proud father to two other children that he shares with his girlfriend of eight years, Hania and Paulina. The name “Paulina” is a tribute to Vincent’s late co-star and dear friend, Paul Walker. Vincent’s love for his family is clearly evident in the way he talks about them and the way he honors those who have been important in his life.

Vin is a loving father who also has two additional kids with his long-term partner of eight years. Their names are Hania, aged eight, and a baby girl named Paulina, who is just seven months old. Vin chose to pay tribute to his close friend and co-star, Paul Walker, by naming his daughter after him.

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