Vinicius Jr Vs Neymar: Who Reigns Supreme in the World of Luxury Style?



“Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid’s Sole Beacon of Hope in a Turbulent Season, Emulates His Idol Neymar in Style and Luxury”

In a season marred by turmoil for Real Madrid, young Brazilian sensation Vinicius Junior shines as the only glimmer of hope. Recently, Vinicius was seen embodying the luxury synonymous with his football idol, Neymar, posing with a lavish tourbillon from GaGà Milano. This opulent timepiece, adorned with gold and diamonds, boasts 161 components and is designed as a homage to Leonardo da Vinci.

Fresh off his debut call-up to the Brazilian national team for friendlies against Panama and the Czech Republic, Vinicius steps up in Neymar’s injury-induced absence. At just 18, he’s treading the path Neymar blazed back in 2010. As Vinicius dreams of surpassing Neymar as Brazil’s football beacon, his on-field prowess, especially in dribbling, draws direct comparisons. Amidst a disastrous season for Real Madrid, Vinicius emerges as the lone beacon of hope, compelling the club to shelve their pursuit of Neymar, for now.


Vinicius, who openly models his game after Neymar, acknowledges his admiration for the former Barça star, particularly in his goal-scoring finesse. During his Real Madrid unveiling, Vinicius admitted, “My style mirrors Neymar’s. He’s not just my idol, but for all Brazilians. Whether I match or surpass him, that’s for you to judge.”

Off the pitch, Vinicius’s admiration extends to emulating Neymar’s fashion sense. A recent social media post showed Vinicius sporting a striking watch from GaGà Milano, a brand Neymar has significantly popularized. This brand, relatively new to the luxury watch and fashion accessory scene, owes its fame partly to Neymar’s accidental discovery of its Tokyo boutique in 2016. Neymar’s impromptu shopping spree, resulting in 16 watches worth over 150,000 euros, led to his ambassadorship with the brand.


Notably, Vinicius sported the Quirky Tourbillon in gold and diamonds, a 140,000-euro piece paying tribute to Da Vinci’s designs, featuring 161 components, 309 diamonds on its case, and 151 on its dial.

Founded in 2004 by Rubén Tomella, GaGà Milano reflects a philosophy of elegant yet whimsical fashion. With designs rooted in 19th-century pocket watches, the brand infuses a futuristic, distinctly Italian flair. Its large cases and unconventional crown placement at 12 o’clock add a unique character to each timepiece.


Neymar’s own collection with GaGà Milano includes limited-edition pieces varying from steel to rose gold plating and carbon fiber. Each watch bears his initials NJR and diamonds marking his jersey numbers at Barcelona and PSG.

Vinicius, in his latest post, flaunts a Manual Tourbillon with a 48 mm white gold case and 15-carat diamonds, priced at 95,000 euros. A fitting symbol of luxury for a rising star who’s just come of age.

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