Explore the remarkable workout routine that helped Gal Gadot to get into shape for her roles in ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Batman v. Superman’.

According to Screen Rant , a mandatory clause from Warner Bros is that Gal Gadot cannot know the content in advance because of security factors. She must also agree to accept reshoots and additional scenes as requested, an unlimited number of times until the film is released. In 2017, when director Zack Snyder decided to leave the Justice League film crew because his daughter committed suicide, the studio invited Joss Whedon to replace him. The new director asked to change many scenes. Some film crew members revealed that Gal Gadot and the Justice League stars had to add 80 pages of new script, which was not in the original plan.

This law also made it difficult for Gal Gadot to accept other projects over the years. Since her first role in the project Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), she has hardly participated in other films outside the DC cinematic universe. Only when Wonder Woman 1984 was completed did the actress begin to accept a number of projects such as Death on the Nile and Red Notice scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

Limit stunt actors

Unlike heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman does not wear a mask when fighting. This forced the film crew to minimize the use of stuntmen for Gal Gadot. The actress suffered many injuries because of action scenes while filming movies for DC. At the end of 2019, she said she had a serious spinal injury after filming “Wonder Woman 1984”.

Strict diet and tight workout schedule

The Wonder Woman series is famous for its many beautiful action scenes, requiring real combat skills with both bare hands and weapons. With limited use of stunt people, Gal Gadot was forced to spend months practicing her fighting skills with trainers. She mainly practices using swords and shields to portray the Amazon warrior character in the most realistic way.

Besides practicing martial arts, Gal Gadot is also required to always maintain a fit body while filming films in the DC cinematic universe. The previous two films – Justice League and Wonder Woman – were big challenges for Gal Gadot. She discovered she was pregnant while reshooting some scenes of Justice League and was five months pregnant while filming Wonder Woman . At first, she hid her pregnancy to avoid disturbing the film crew. However, when the pregnant belly gradually appeared, the crew began to limit action scenes and use post-production CGI technology.

According to the New York Times , the actress often starts her day with an omelette, eaten with bread and fruit or makes a nutritional smoothie. About 40% of her diet is vegetables. Gal Gadot often chooses fish or chicken to add the necessary protein for her body. Coaches asked her to drink about 4 liters of water every day. The star claims to be someone who loves to eat, especially greasy foods like hamburgers and french fries. Every time she finishes a movie, Gal Gadot always rewards herself with a few comfortable meals to make up for the previous time.

Become a real-life hero

Despite the difficulties, Gal Gadot is very proud to embody Wonder Woman on screen. However, Warner Bros. also requires the actress to become a real-life heroine, becoming an inspirational bridge for women around the world.

According to TheGamer , a contract clause requires Gal Gadot to become a role model for women, not to perform real-life actions that affect the image of Wonder Woman.

Celebrities actively participate in gender equality activities in Hollywood. In 2016, the United Nations invited Gal Gadot and the character Wonder Woman to be honorary ambassadors for the organization’s women’s protection activities. She is also actively active on social networks, always bringing a strong, cheerful, vibrant and exciting image to transmit energy and inspiration to fans around the globe.

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